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Since 1972, Maine Material Handling has been providing Bangor, Maine and the surrounding areas with trusted, reliable forklift services. Our staff knows that your forklift is an important part of your company, so we will always try to have it repaired and working for you in as little time as possible. Whether you need a new forklift, yours needs a repair, or you want to rent a forklift from us, Maine Material Handling should be your go-to shop for all your forklift needs. Contact us today for a free service estimate: (207) 942-2042.

Forklift Rentals from Maine Material Handling!

Owning your own forklift can get costly, especially if you know that you only need to use it for a few days. If this is the case, call Maine Material Handling! Whether you need it for a few days or a few months, we offer rental forklifts for many types of spaces. Our staff will even deliver your rented forklift to your facility for exactly when you need it, and we will pick it back up when your rental period ends. Contact our office today for a rental estimate!





Forklifts from Top Brands like Hyundai & Linde

At Maine Material Handling, we work with some of the country’s top brands of forklifts. Forklifts from Linde can be customized to have added safety features, such as a safety pilot to keep track of hydraulic load to prevent tip-overs, and the Linde BlueSpot™, which shows the forklift’s driving path to help prevent accidents. Hyundai prides itself on its high quality machines available at an incredible value. Hyundai’s products are built to last. Constant and heavy use is not a concern when you use a Hyundai forklift.

Our Forklift Experts Bring Their Services Directly to You

Whether you own a small business or you manage a large warehouse, Maine Material Handling is here to assist with all your forklift needs. We travel all across the state of Maine to bring our customers superior service and quality products. Our staff will deliver your forklift or forklift part to your company in any county in Maine. We also travel to make minor and major repairs, so no matter what your skill level is or how far from our offices in Bangor you are, your forklift is getting the services you need.

Contact Maine Material Handling for Expert Service

Whether you need a new machine entirely, or you just need someone to repair your forklift, look no further than Maine Material Handling. With experienced professionals who will bring their expertise to your doorstep, we can handle all sizes and types of forklift services and repairs. Call us today to take advantage of our over 40 years of experience and to receive a free service estimate!

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